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Why you need to oil your engine to prevent LSPI and chain wear

Maintaining your engine will not only improve your car’s performance but save you a lot of time and money on repairs. Using the correct oils are key to keeping your engine healthy and can prevent common yet disastrous issues such as LSPI and chain wear.

It is becoming increasingly common for engines to be downsized and attached with turbo chargers to reduce carbon emissions and petrol consumption. This creates higher pressure levels and thermal temperatures than regular engines. These changes mean that the typical engine oil need to be specifically designed to prevent conditions such as LSPI.


Low Speed Pre-ignition or LSPI is an unwelcome phenomenon where there is a spontaneous combustion before normal spark ignition causing catastrophic damage to your engine. This commonly occurs at lower speeds when coupled with higher loads and high cylinder pressures.

Operating your car at relatively low RPM constantly in a manner such as travelling on a highway can cause the engine to slip into the LSPI zone where potential engine damage may occur. In the worst case, ongoing pre-ignition can lead to broken piston rings, damaged ring lands, and/ or bent connecting rods - all of which will keep you off the road and leave you with a reduced bank account.

Chain Wear

Higher temperatures caused by a turbo charger cause greater stress on most lubricants as it produces oxidisation. Without appropriate application of the right lubricant oil, your chain may be at risk of premature wear and life-span.

Carbon particles can hide in crevices in your engine and be washed down cylinder walls to be absorbed by surfaces such as your engine’s chain. These particles tend to be coarse,  and create wear on critical engine parts such as chains. Increased wear on the chain can cause it to slip, and if it slips at high RPM, then it can spin around causing damage to everything it comes into contact with inside the engine.

It is important to understand how to properly take care of your engine and to know how your modern engine differs from traditional ones. If you have any issues, see your mechanic or oil specialist today. Ultimately, taking proper care of your car will ensure you get home safely and reliably.