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How to select an engine oil for a track car

High performance vehicles require the right engine oil to operate to the best of their ability. A high powered car is designed to be small and lightweight and perform at a high speed, but behind the scenes of all this, it is the fuel and oil that helps run its optimum performance.


What sets track car engines apart?

Race cars are constantly used at a high speed which results in a rise in oil temperature and exposes their engines to damage. With modern high powered engines being implemented with turbo chargers, this creates higher temperatures and greater levels of pressure within the engine. Due to this effect, engines require specific treatment to ensure there is no unnecessary wear which could lead to a mechanical failure.


Determining the right oil

High performance vehicles and ordinary automotive vehicles require different types of engine oil to run smoothly and function in the most conventional way. Engine oil is essential for any car, but it’s crucial for the right oil to be used in high-performance engines because of the harsh conditions they are put under.

The best oil for a high-powered car like a race car is a synthetic engine oil, specifically Group IV and Group V base oils. Group IV base oils are Polyalphaolefins (PAOs) and are great to use in extreme cold conditions and high heat applications. Group V base oils are classified as all other base oils and Esters are the most common type that are used in lubricant formulations to improve the wear of a vehicle engine. This is because synthetic oils can withstand higher temperatures and pressure while running without breaking down.

By using a high-performance oil, it also means that there is an increase in viscosity compared to regular oils, which allows it to prevent any engine wear. However, when determining the right viscosity for your high-performance engine and it is recommended that you consult an expert or refer to the recommended suggestion in the owner’s manual to be safe.

Ultimately, these different types of engine oils are used to keep your engine clean to prevent it from decreasing your engine’s performance. For more information on engine oils, contact our team today.